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Bank Holiday Driving

Driving in general not just on a bank holiday – I drive a few miles a year with work, I’m not in the same league as lorry drivers and reps but I still manage about 1000 miles a month. Living in … Continue reading

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The Gardener

The Gardener, has been the most influential person that I have been fortunate to meet. Let me tell you about him: Firstly I purchased a kennel so that my fire loving Golden Retriever had some shelter when he was outside, … Continue reading

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What to do now there is no football?

Long weekend could be spent at home in the garden or doing some DIY, not for me. When I am not at the football I can be found on the side of a track at a motorcycle race. Yes I … Continue reading

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The True Tales Of A Dorset Gun

I have lived in Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Dorset and currently I live in West Yorkshire where we have been for 11 years. Before moving to West Yorkshire I was in Dorset for nine years where I spent a deal … Continue reading

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Excuse me what cross is your dog

This is the most common conversation I have when out followed closely by “he’s a funny Labrador,” Or “Has he got [please insert bread of choice] in his breeding?” I polity reply, “No he’s a Chesapeake Bay Retriever” “A what? Never … Continue reading

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Modern Football

Ranting on twitter about football is something I seem to spend a lot of my time doing. Who ever coined the phrase “The beautiful game” must have been mental if they watch some of the games I’ve seen over the … Continue reading

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