RIPPING OFF LEEDS FANS – Support the Twenty’s Plenty Away Ticket Campaign – @nicholassm1th

What can be done to prevent all travelling fans from getting ripped off …

This weekend Birmingham are coming to Elland Road and for that pleasure they are being charged £28, £22 for concession and £15 under 16’s, at their next away trip to Huddersfield they will be charged £23, £13 concessions and £10 under 18. Leeds fans have been charged £29 and £12.

When we go to St Andrews we will be charged I suspect for a Cat A game;

Adults £30 (B £27) (C £23) (D £18),

Senior Citizens/Students £18 (B £16) (C £14) (D £12),

Under 18’s £13 (B £11) (C £9) (D £7),

Under 13’s £7 (B £7) (C £5) (D £5)

My away tickets this season so far have cost;

Huddersfield £29 and £12 under 18

Derby £32 and £18 under 18

Newcastle (COC) £20 and £10 under 18

Bolton £33 and £23 under 18

Doncaster (COC) £15 and £5 under 18

Leicester £26 £18 under 17s

Leeds also operate the category system, so that ticket prices vary dependant on the opposition being played. So depending on how good Leeds United think you are you will be charged either;

Adults: £36 (B £34) (C£28),

Over 60’s: £26 (B £24) (C £21),

Under 16’s £17 (B £17) (C £17)

Leeds sell out almost every allocation they are given our away support in 2012-13 average away fans were Leeds United (2,678), followed by Sheffield Wednesday (2,500) and Nottingham Forest (2,054). But we are all charged the most when we visiting other grounds, why is that?

In the premiership several clubs have got together and done some deals to reduce the costs for fans including Newcastle, West Brom and Swansea who have also agreed a deal with Hull. Swans fans will pay £20 for adults and £5 for concessions at Hull and Newcastle and will hour these prices for the return trip to Wales.

Better than that The travelling Toon Army and Baggies will be only having to find £15 for adults and £5 for concessions when they play each other.

Prices in the championship are wide Huddersfield provide the cheapest Championship match-day experience, their cheapest adult ticket is £10, however to watch next up Leeds, fans have to pay £28.

What can we about this?


Join the Football Supporters Federation and back the Twenty’s Plenty Campaign by signing the petition HERE.

The extract below is taken from the FSF website

The FSF can tell the story on a national level and we’ll be speaking to the FA, Football League and Premier League about Twenty’s Plenty in the near future but we firmly believe that this campaign will be won by fans at club level.

Clubs are more inclined to listen to their fans than anyone else. If a club’s fanbase is prepared to say, “We back Twenty’s Plenty and think away fans should be rewarded for their loyalty” then we might have a chance.

The London and Manchester events heard from fans with all sorts of ideas and we’ve listed some of them below. It’s by no means a definitive list but it’s a starting point. If you think we’ve missed a trick email your thoughts to

You can promote the campaign with FSF branded flyers which explain the Twenty’s Plenty campaign, these are available free of charge to fans, fanzines and supporters’ groups who would like to spread the word. Get your batch today here.

If you blog, re-blog this or write your own version to spread the word that Twenty’s Plenty.

Maybe @LUST can organise another protest outside the ground/handing out flyers.

But if you can only do one thing Sign the FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty petition here…




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