Fit for Florida week 3 oh and Leeds and the Transfer Window -@nicholassm1th Well I never!

Fit for Florida Week 3

Leeds and the Transfer Window

Birthday Year February


Supporting Leeds United is a bit like being a fast cycling bi polar sufferer. Ups and downs and paranoid thoughts these were magnified this weekend to a very hectic 24 hours!


The last few weeks have seen hopes spiral down and down just before Christmas we were not able to beet a poor Barnsley side, this was followed by a handover on Boxing day when the team looked like they had bellies full of Christmas puddings, then losses to Forrest, and Blackburn before the worst (or so I thought at the time) result since the great storm of Histon in 2008 When we were played off the park at Rochdale. Following this we went to Hillsborough and watching you side let in six goals whilst stood in the Leppings Lane stand just brings football home with a bang. Justice for the 96.



I thought the BMcD would be gone in the morning modern football is a results driven business and we had fallen out of the FA cup at Spotlands to a fourth division side and only taken nine point from a possible 24 losing four games on the bounce! We then faced high flying Leicester at Elland Road and expected to get a public humiliation in front of the Sky cameras, the game went well and until 88 minutes it felt like Leeds were on the up then David Nugent sticks out a leg and the doom hood enveloped the ground, was it really a conspiracy.


West Ham had bid for Ross Mc (oh no if he goes doom gloom) that was rejected (yes the selling club has some ambition).  Next up was Leeds supporter Mick McCarthy with his Ipswich team I really can not recall much of this game after Paddy made an unfortunate howler.  A long shot from McGoldrick that was to beat Kenny at his near post (deflated) then we won a penalty have to admit I have no idea who won this at the time as I was dropping in a malaise. Reliable Ross Mc netted his 19th goal of the season and ended our five match loosing streak. Mood lightening slightly. 

Moving on to transfer deadline day or Black Friday or Murdock meddling day.

I will not get this right but s went something like, not bad day at work then home to a night in front of the fire with Jim White and Hayley’s funeral on Corrie.

Before Corrie a bid from Cardiff City for Ross Mc (mood darkens).

Bid rejected (mood lifts).

Ross phones Sky Sports and pledges self to Leeds and BMcD. (Mood soars).

Corrie time Funeral (mood ok I know its not real and I know next time I see David Neilson (Roy) he will have something to say as he is a Leicester City fan).

Twitter melt down, what? No? Can’t be? Why now? McDermott sacked with only hours left to go in the transfer window (mood darkens).

Leeds sold to Massimo Cellino (not sure of mood at this stage).

Paul Hunt sacked (disbelief).

David Haigh resigned (can’t believe it).

Ross on Sky again and then Sky trying their best to sell him to anyone. (A sort of paranoid disbelief sets in, this cant be happening, Why does it always happen to Leeds?)

I remember Ken Bates leaving works “Be careful what you wish for”.

So Friday night sees Leeds doing the hokey cokey in out in out shaken all about, and without bringing in any players I thought that was the reason for the transfer window, but not at Leeds it was our managing director, chief operating officer, manager all out on Friday night, then Saturday morning we hear that the managing director and chief operating officer were back in. (mood a bit chaotic).

When I arrived at Elland Road on Saturday there were loads of bemused fans wandering around checking their twitter timelines for the latest up dates, because we all know that twitter is known to be a reliable source of up to date and accurate information when t comes to running a football club. There were other well know fans in tears about what was happening to their football team. The protest outside the east stand was overshadowed by the car in the car park of the west stand that “caught” fire, there is no truth in the rumour that BMD was seen with a bottle and a burning rag near Cellino’s hire car. (mood a mild form of hystera).



Then on to the game manager less we went on to play a blinder in our Cup Final and managed to pull out a 5-1 tonking of Huddersfield Town. (mood lifts).

We watched the game from our seat in the north stand and after the game we went into the east stand to join friends who had been guests of the directors and others in corporate hospitality. As we arrived on the forth level there was a bit of a strange atmosphere and an announcement that BMD had not in fact been sacked and this had been a misunderstanding! (mood incredulous).

This was enjoyed by some of the people we joined as they were Huddersfield Town fans who whilst smarting from the 5-1 score line were enjoying the soap opera that is Leeds United. Before we left the ground we did see David Haigh and Massimo Cellino walking around the pitch together.


Modern football!



Fit for Florida

Fit for Florida continues I am still walking and have increased the weight I am now carrying to 8kgs in the rucksack while walking this does not feel heavy but I had to move the sack from the car and almost broke me foot when it slipped from my grip. I have lost another kilogram this week and have upped the distance I have walked to 45.5km this week and this was despite having to take Thursday off as I took the boy over to Weatherfield to work. On Friday had to cut the walk short as I was working in London and needed to catch the 7.30 train.  The dog harness has arrived and I started to introduce this to him he seems okay with it at the moment as it start to get lighter I will use it more. The Nordic walking really woks the upper body my biceps and triceps burn when walking with the poles (I am not sure if they are the length or not) and when I concentrate on walking with the poles I can tell that my stride lengthens and I get into a real walking zone, this morning my mind wandered from the amount of water on the ground and the puddles, to thinking about trench foot, that got me on to the soldiers in the second world war, and on to Gladys Aylward, which led me on to “This Old Man” I cannot recall what he played nine on for the life of me and I now cannot get the bloody knick-knack paddywhack tune out of my head.

I have also been to the optician who has confirmed what I have known for some time, that the print in newspaper has shrunk recently and to help with this I need some glasses with magnifiers at the bottom to overcome this challenge. So new glasses ordered new contact lenses ordered now over £400 poorer, its expensive needing glasses,

 Look what happened to Michelangelo’s David after his stay in the US. 


Fit For Florida – the aim is to loose a pound a week till we fly.



The birthday year February

My daughter arrived home from university unexpected this weekend, funny that when we were planning to go to Fazendas in Leeds to eat meat!

Fazenda is a Brazilian meat restaurant, you load you plate with salad not too much as meat is the reason for going and you don’t want to be full for the main event which is a continuous table side service of different cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. You decide what you want with a small green and red-side chip. The green side signals the gaúcho chefs to bring out skewers of sizzling meats to the table, while the red side indicates you need a rest to aid digestion. The gaúcho chefs brought an ongoing supply of:

Picanha  a juicy piece of beef that melted in the mouth.

Alcatra which is a rump steak cooked with garlic.

Bife de Presunto this is a gammon grilled with a bark this was super.

Frango chicken thighs nice but don’t have too many or they take up room for beef.

There were also two types of sausage one a chorizo that was delicious, but again don’t have too many or they take up room for beef! 

This was topped of with a bottle or two of Brazilian Pinot Noir.

The boy has already asked us to book for his birthday; I have the feeling we may be going back before this. I am not recommending this as it is difficult enough to get a reservation as it is.



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