If You’re Proud To Be A Leeds Fan… @nicholassm1th

Sometimes I feel like a Millwall fan (well you know what I mean) “No one likes us, we don’t care”


The Leeds United merry-go-round continues to spin out of control.


The contract has been exchanged, the leader of the coup has been promoted (keep your emeries closer) and the missing Arabs blame everyone and the bills remain unpaid!


We have seen spats from grownup men taking the most extreme form of action when they don’t get their own way. We have seen posturing to ensure that whoever is in the lead is their favourite.


I was told indirectly at the end of the Huddersfield game that there was more to come and that this could end up in the club being wound up. Perhaps this was because on transfer deadline day there were no board members about and the winding up petition from dedicated Leeds United fan Andrew Flowers was served on a security guard!


The only person who comes out of this well is BMcD, who could have blamed him in walking away without a backward glance. He had magnanimously decided that despite of how he was treated he can come back to work as he has unfinished business. BMcD you have gone up in my estimation.


We now wait for the fit and proper test from the Football League this is causing me some anxiety. Now if they do not agree to Massimo Cellino taking the shares I do worry about what will happen (minus 10 looms) as clearly behaviour of GFH in recent weeks indicates that for me they are not fit and proper to run a football club. The funding from having the astro pitch installed and being granted Cat 2 Elite Player Performance Plan will pay the outlay of this times over. I can’t see why Cellino with all his experience in football would want the amateurs, Haigh, Patel and Nooruddin anywhere near the running of the club, let them enjoy the fun from the executive boxes but as a triad running our club surely they are dead men walking.


We went to Yeovil with fingers crossed that the game would be on despite mother nature tying her best to up scupper the fxiture. I fancied that we would come from behind so after the normal McCormack to score fist Leeds to win 3-1, I saw that @skybet were offering Yeovil to win the first half and Leeds to win the second at a nice 28/1 so I had a little investment and now I think I can afford a seat in the Leeds directors box!


The ticketing for the QPR game means that you need 10 away games for this one due to their miserly 1750 allocation to away fans means this will be a TV game for most. There are other ways to get to see the game live, you can buy home tickets, take a VIP package or you can use the Corrie admission card, me and the boy will be there we have our train tickets and are looking forward to this as Loftus Road will be a new ground for both of us.


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Leeds United fan. Dog owner, walker and feeder. Qualified scuba diver, Tec diver and PADI Pro. Kids almost flown the nest so have a new life with my wife, loads of holidays. Blogs are my own ramblings but am know to copy (okay plagiarise) other people when they are saying what I want only better but always give them credit.
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