Fit For Florida – May – @nicholassm1th

I am plugging on with getting fit for our holiday to Florida at Christmas

They say a change is as good as a rest for the body and mind.

In my effort to loose weight for Florida, so I am not prevented from riding one of the rides operated by the mouse due to the girth of my arse, I have started to add different forms of activity to confuse and challenge my body. I have joined the gym and got my bike back out and I have just ordered a new road bike  (a blue shiny one, nice!) all of this is to ensure i focus and to prevent me from loosing interest and keep my body on its toes so it burns more calories than I eat (or drink!)


May is the fifth month of the “new” me, in that time;

  • I have lost 15 kgs of weight
  • Lost 5 inches from around my waist.
  • An inch from my neck
  • Rid 6% of my body fat (I am now almost no longer obese and only over weight!).
  • My BMI has dropped from 34.6 to 30.1 (at 30 I become officially overweight).
  • I try and do at least an hour of exercise each day and two hours a day at the weekend.
  • Since the turn of the year I have swam, walked, rode and jogged 1552 km, spending 274 hours exercising, and I have also burnt 219,101 kcal’s! (I am not anal about this at all)

If I keep on the same trajectory I will be at my Florida target by August (I may even evaluate or adjust the target weight at this time).


Now this blog is not (all) about me (and my new image) it’s about the people I am meeting the gym. The gym I use is brand spanking new, 100 shiny fitness stations, free weights, exercise studios for all sorts of classes and a very nice 25m swimming pool. I try and get there three times a week at least.

 Even after four weeks there are some familiar faces there and we nod or grunt a “hello” to each other. I have no idea what people are saying as I have my ears full of Meatloaf or Oasis preferring to listen music rather than natter as I pedal, jog, row, or even cross train or elliptical!

I like to push myself 20 km on the bike in 40 minutes means I have a pool of sweat at my pedals, and streaking down my face. My T shirt is normally stuck to me making movement difficult. I towel the area down after using the machines leaving it as I would expect to find it.

At the end of my gym session I pant back to the changing room and shower, I get the Molton Brown out and have a real good scrub. There are shower cubicles or “open plan” showers.

Perhaps is is because I attended the old Grammar school where it was a requirement that we all had to shower after PT and games. I then went on to play rugby for years in the days of shared communal baths. Where I would wash with muddy, sweaty, drinking partners. So I guess I am comfortable in communal shows getting clean and ridding my self of those male pheromones (exercise smells). I am comfortable in my nakedness I know have a bit of timber, my six pack is clearly covered by a party six barrel. I like putting on clean laundered clothes, I like to use aftershave, I like that satisfied feeling of having worked out and spruced up. So why am I the only person I have ever seen to use the shower after exercising!

Now I have been watching (not in a perf way, just out of interest) The modern way appears to be the following:

  1. Finish exercising head into the changing room,
  2. Shorts off, trousers on (same boxers, ugh!)
  3. T shirt off, Spray loads of Lynx,
  4. Shirt on,
  5. Gel hair,
  6. Check mirror,
  7. Trainers back on (laces not tied)
  8. Out of there.

I do wonder if I had joined, Duncan Bannatyne’s, Richard Branson’s or even Fitness First’s gym whether this would still be the case or is it that as I am a bit cheep I joined the Council gym this is about the clientele (I do sound a bit of a snob).

However at £20 a month I am not putting the hot water on at home when it is included in the gym costs!


So traditional (proper wash) or modern (spray with Lynx) I am very defiantly part of the soap and water gang.


What do you do?


About altwoodmoon

Leeds United fan. Dog owner, walker and feeder. Qualified scuba diver, Tec diver and PADI Pro. Kids almost flown the nest so have a new life with my wife, loads of holidays. Blogs are my own ramblings but am know to copy (okay plagiarise) other people when they are saying what I want only better but always give them credit.
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