Leeds United and the Coventry City Model – @nicholassm1th

My Irreverent look at the current Leeds United situation and a radical money saving approach to turning the club around.


The Leeds United saga continues, so fast I cant type fast enough to keep up.

  • Ex directors being invited to a promotion meeting only to be taken in to custody to eat bread and water while sweating out a confession.
  • Drug taking in the new East Stand
  • Season tickets only available if you have unmarked bills defiantly no credit cards!
  • Old directors issuing winding up petition after petition.
  • Sacked managers getting sacked again!
  • Fans sucking up to players on social media convincing them to stay at the club that can’t pay them.
  • Hissy fits on local radio about how “their” club is treating them.
  • I heard a fan today on Radio Leeds confessing that the club has made them ill with all the stress!


I think we all have to get a grip and be a bit real. And think “outside of the box”

 Leeds are not a BIG club with a right to be in the Premiership.

 I keep hearing that we have a “worldwide fan-base” but only twelve thousand of us could be arsed to buy a season ticket, and on average only 24,700 turned up to watch the crap that was presented last season, I can understand why. Even for me it was a bit of a chore getting home in time for a Tuesday night game on occasion.


In the Championship Derby, Brighton, Leicester had higher averages, are any of them BIG clubs?

We only managed to beat the Hull, Palace and Swansea average attendances in the top flight. So this means that Fulham, Stoke, Cardiff, Norwich City are BIGGER clubs?


I have written before that the Leeds fans have BIG expectations and think this equates to being a BIG club, in my mind this is not the case.


We are reportedly losing around £1million a month and to staunch this hemorrhage MC has closed the training ground at Thorp Arch. Leeds have a 25-year lease and pay increasing yearly rent which currently costs around £600,000. In 2009 Bates never paid the £6m to buy back Thorp Arch.


Elland Road is owned by Teak Commercial Limited, a firm based in the British Virgin Islands, while there is a buy back clause this cost has increased and stands at £15m. Since that bloke Gerald Krasner sold the ground Leeds have paid £11m in rent and goodness knows what (six million pounds) in developing a stadium that it does not own. To sell boxes for £20k per season which pays for what, RMC wages for a week?!


We have lost the last four transfer windows due to TOMA and TOMA2 and it looks like this next one will go the same way as the forensic examination and stripping down of the debts goes on. We continue to hunt down the back of the leather seats in the director’s box for change that has fallen out of the pockets.


I get it that people are frustrated and concerned about their (MC’s) team.

For me it is becoming transparent, MC is clear Leeds United is HIS club. He will run it his way and we will choose to continue to support in person or via whatever means we decide. We are free to support Leeds United however we feel, not going to every home and away game doesn’t make people lesser supporters. We are all supporters united by Leeds.

What we have to do is take stock, Leeds are (currently) a mid table second division side. We, thanks to Ridsdale lived the dream for a couple of seasons, but his methods were almost fatally flawed. In the time we have been out of the top flight football has moved on, (boy has it moved on) clubs have been taken over by the uber rich and these clubs have jumped ahead to such an extent I am not sure there will be many clubs who can catch, them let alone join the group and compete with them.

What Leeds need to do is to become stable, transfers will not bring stability, owning the ground and if possible the training ground will mean that we have solid foundations. If what I hear is true that 70 of the 200 people who work at the club have received notice that their role is at risk, while I feel desperately for them I am amazed that 200 people are employed by Leeds United what do they all do? I know that by riding the club of 33% of the staff makes very little in the way of savings when you consider the costs of players, who earn the same a week as some staff do in a year, but when you are bleeding out a slicking plaster may just help enough.

If I was going to put my money in I would want to know how, where and why it was being used.

MC I have a plan, the Coventry City Model – Tell Teak Commercial and Jacob Alder to stuff it! Lets ground share at the Alfred McAlpine Galpharm John Smith Stadium, after all they play at Leeds Road, they are a town full of Leeds fans.  Lets look at some of the pros and cons.


  • The ground is not owned by Huddersfield so we will not be helping them out.
  • 24,500 capacity we could fill it every week, that would be novel for the ground
  • Average attendance at Elland Road is 200 more than capacity so we would sell more season tickets.
  • Every home game would be an away game!
  • They sell John Smiths (Yorkshire beer) 20p a pint cheaper than at ER.
  • As the ground is smaller than ER the rent will be less more money for MC to spend on players.
  • There is a ground announcer (Rambo) who could fire up the Leeds fans, he does a good job when we visit once a season.


  • Selling all the seats would mean that some of the seats that have never been used would need to be oiled and the cobwebs removed but that would only take a day or two.
  • The car parks are not big enough so we would need to go by train making every home game an away game!
  • The lager is 10p dearer a pint than at ER.
  • We would need a new announcer as Rambo is not very popular with Leeds fans after he suggested Paddy needed to diet, no one tells our chubby players they need to cut calories.

When you see it written down as cold pros and cons you can see why Coventry went to Sixfields, it was an obvious thing to do!


My hope is that 2019 our centenary year we will be rewarded for our patience by having a £100 season ticket to watch Leeds United in the (insert sponsors name) Premier League.

Marching on Together


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