New Bike – Holme Moss by @nicholassm1th

Collected my new bike on Thursday after spending a couple of hours adding clip in pedals, bottle cages and my Garmin cadence and speed sensor I was ready to get out and give it a test. Riding from home I headed towards Tadcaster and then back around the edge of Leeds 2 hours and 36 miles later i was back at home, sweaty and stinky.


Friday was a busy day so I never got my leg over the crossbar but I did take delivery of a new cycling shirt “Pukka”.

I have in a moment of weekness signed up for the Dark Peak Sportive a short 72 mile pedal which take in the highlights of the 2014 Tour de France Grand DepartYorkshire Route. Starting in Wakefield we will head out to Holmfirth to take on the Holme Moss Climb, Snake Pass and the The Strines.

You can join in too at:

As a bit of a warm up and for the second ride on my new bike I headed out today to try the first climb Alp du Holme Moss! The weather was dross, cold and raining and with a head come cross wind. As I rode up the hill into Holmfirth the traffic built and the rain came down so hard the hill in front had disappeared. As you cross the traffic lights and head into Holmbridge the hill kicks up. Down the gears I went as the hill cranked to 14% and I started looking for targets to aim for the 30 mps sign, gate way, SLOW on the road. Fairly easy ride into Holme village bedecked still with Tour flags and yellow bikes. As the hill evened out I could catch 3 gears back. The road drops to the narrow bridge and 2 more gears, As I got the the bridge a smart arse in an AUDI offer encouragement in the form of “You’ll never make it” inspiring dick! At the same time the hill ramped up again to a constant 10%. The rain had eased a little and the mast was clearly visible. Around the first bend and right into a head wind that was punishing, trying to push me back down the hill from where I had just come. Then 11/4 Miles painted on the road just to remind you how far there was still to g. No gears left so it was out of the saddle for the right hand switch back and on again push down pull up, push down pull up, repeat adnauseam! the hill stretched up in front now respite and then left across the side of the hill to wards the mast, no respite.


With you’ll never make it ringing in my ears, I was reading the names on the road, CAV, Froome, Contador though these were not visible when the tour came up this hill as the crowds mad this a one bike lane highway!


Taking the right bend and over the 3/4 MILE marker, mind over matter now just keep turning the pedals, 1/2 MILE, 1/4 MILE the mast is massive must have a great phone signal, 200 METRES that new but I can see the top now, the smile is massive i feel fresh as a a daisy “Bolllox” AUDI dick what do you know? I reach for my phone and I am going that slow I can take three photos after the 100 METRES painted on the road. Holme Moss climb done.

IMG_0542IMG_0541 IMG_0543

I have brought my self 50 Classic Cycle Climbs Yorkshire & Peak District, thats the first one (number 5) in the book done.





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