Season 2014-15 – The dawn of a new era? @nicholassm1th

As twitter followers will know I was at the test match on Saturday and made the decision that #LUFC could give the rest of the division a game head start! After all our best season in recent years was when the FL decided we were that good we could give everyone else 15 points, that would have backfired on them nicely had we not choked at Wembley.

Whilst the season kicked off for everyone else Leeds went to Millwall for our last preseason friendly and I sat in the sun at Emirates Old Trafford watching India collapse to the spin of Mohim Ali.

My twitter timeline came alive a bit before 3pm, with tweets about the team. Did we not learn anything from last year all the promise of a rebuild and we selected almost the same side and defiantly the same type/style of side that had flattered to deceive last year. I expect Comedy Dave was not watching this level of football. Well it is three levels above what he was used to. Then at a minute past three when Huddersfield went a goal down to Bournemouth my timeline exploded this had barely calmed when seven minute later the profanities and expletives began as did the calling for Comedy Dave to resign prompted by Beavers scoring for Millwall> I wan wondering what was everyone worrying about? You learn nothing from friendlies.

Another wicket at the cricket was followed by another pint, this is the way to enjoy sport I can’t understand why football doesn’t allow you to have a pint in the stands?

The Huddersfield fans had stopped sending messages! I wonder why? Then all of the Windys started with the “only team in Yorkshire” tweets now that was annoying as I had an accer that all the Yorkshire side would loose and at 18/1 it would have paid for my beer at the cricket!

The wickets started to tumble with an optimism that had me reaching for my phone to arrange for my lift set off to collect us, it was clear that this test match was not going to last three days let alone four or even five.

As the final whistle went up and down the country it was clear that there was some serious disappointment. My time line showed people were really taking this last pre season game seriously, and the abject disappointment was clear people wanted Comedy Dave out, he was not fit to manage the club. When @colsonsmith tweeted that he thought Mark Robins would be first to go, he was bombarded with messages that no way would Robins go before Comedy Dave! Ha to you all!

I wonder if Comedy Dave knows who he is following and whether the names of Revie, Stien, Bremner, Wilkinson, Venables keep him awake at night or whether its thinking about how we were managed by Clough, Reid, Carver, Wise and Warnock that are allowing him to get his head down sleep soundly.

If it was not happening at Leeds MC would be a great addition to the league he is comedy genius, he appointed Comedy Dave as his side kick after all. When you hear what he says it makes you smile, then as it dawns on you he is serious and you realise he is our owner, and bingo he is just an happy Ken Bates! it feels like they both are using Leeds United as a way to get in the papers. While Ken was more downcast and miserable wow is me style, MC is like Bates would have been on helium. Ken appointed Wobbly Eyes a Chelski legend to our club while MC appoints a coach who managed to get Forrest Green Rovers relegated from a league so low it was closer to Hades than the PL. In his 208 games in charge he won 70, 29% that is better than the following Leeds managers;
Dick Ray 23.5%
Willis Edwards 27.5%
Brian Clough 14%
Peter Reid 27%
Eddie Gray 23%
John Carver 0%
In our two most successful spell out of the PL under Grayson and McAlllister they both averaged 50% wins, it is only now that you realise in the recent past those really were the days!

So roll on Saturday and the start of the season proper Middlesborough come to town. After a season of trying to sign our prolific £11m goal scorer who has since left home to play in the posh part of London they visit ER without the fear that the old boy will score in the last minute! However they look good and finished last season with a bit of a flourish winning six of their last eight and beating Brum City 2-0 on the opener of the season.

I have said before and will say again I think this season will be as hard to watch as last season, the only good thing about last season was that we were safe before the club imploded or was that MC took over!

In the words of Ken Bates “Be careful what you wish for”.
This year for me I wish for 50 pts as that should leave us safe from the drop.

As always marchin’ on together


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Leeds United fan. Dog owner, walker and feeder. Qualified scuba diver, Tec diver and PADI Pro. Kids almost flown the nest so have a new life with my wife, loads of holidays. Blogs are my own ramblings but am know to copy (okay plagiarise) other people when they are saying what I want only better but always give them credit.
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