Day 1 – Florida
We spent our first full day in Florida in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We even managed to bump into some Leeds United fans, here there and everywhere!

Arriving before the rope fell we started with a visit to the Rain Forest Café for breakfast. Eggs benedict in a rain forest with thunder storms and other animal noises!

When we got into the park proper we headed for the Kilimanjaro Safari. W e used our fastpass for this but to be honest the park was quiet enough that there weren’t any real Q’s. The longest we waited was forty minutes to have a photo with Mickey and Minnie.
The safari ride took just short of twenty minutes and we were able to see a few animals these included the rhinos, lions, cheetahs and several different breads of lion food, antelope, gazelle, zebra and warthogs. The ride disguised very well the fences/barriers that kept the wildlife from the paying public. Though why there was a man with a rifle stood on the footbridge that over looked the crocodiles I am not sure. Dramatic affect I guess.

Ramping up the adrenaline we head to the river and the Kalli River rapids. The ride is a bit of a damp squid. The ride was slightly more exciting but the memory stayed a lot longer. On reflection that is because I had a wet arse and damp wet jeans on for the rest of the day.

Moving across continents I found my self at the foot of Everest and the entrance to the Expedition Everest. We boys managed to ride our and the girls fast passes so went on this back to back for each other. CJ’s favorite ride of the park.

We also manage to watch the Lion King show which had everyone singing along.

We signed off from the park with a meal at Yak and Yeti for dinner.

When we got back to the villa the first thing the rest of the family managed to complete was to log on to the wifi and look at the pictures.

Right jet leg is getting to me, its 10pm local time but I must stay up longer to feel the benefit of all Mouse Towers has to offer tomorrow I’m off to bed.

Night all.


About altwoodmoon

Leeds United fan. Dog owner, walker and feeder. Qualified scuba diver, Tec diver and PADI Pro. Kids almost flown the nest so have a new life with my wife, loads of holidays. Blogs are my own ramblings but am know to copy (okay plagiarise) other people when they are saying what I want only better but always give them credit.
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