Day 12 – Florida

Busch Gardens – Tampa

This is a theme park like British theme parks. Pack the rides in and don’t worry too much about the magic. Adrenalin will fuel that magic!

What a cast of coasters!

Falcons Fury

Cheeta Hunt





Then there are the wet rides

Congo River Rapids

Stanley Falls

Tidal Wave

Fist ride of the day was Falcons Fury. 335 feet tall makes this the tallest freestanding vertical drop tower in North America. You are harnessed across the shoulders and there is a small groin bump. Then lifted at a sedate pace to the top of the tower. At the top of the tower you are held and then turned 90 degrees where you slide into the harness and out of the groin bump. Boy oh boy are you high. From here with your eyes open you can see the ocean and the Magic Kingdom. You are held here for a random time, so there is no preparation for the drop, face down at 60mph. This ride does not make you feel sick but pumps adrenaline around the body with amazing speed. Everyone getting off is clearly pumped.

On the coldest day all holiday CJ insisted we rode the Log flume and the river rapids. These are as any of these rides are anywhere in the world. The flume has a 40 foot drop guaranteed to soak you and the rapids are not rapid but soak you!

We then went back to Falcons Fury and rode it again!

After this we rode the rest I can not remember the exact order but was something like this…

Kumba – A proper value for money ride. Last three minutes and includes seven yes seven invasion’s (upside downs). The ride starts with a 135 foot drop,. Before entering a breathtaking diving loop. Then the zero gravity loop gives you a full 3 seconds of absolute weightlessness. Add to this an interlocking corkscrew and a cobra loop. This is a brilliant ride. That does roar like a lion as the name suggests.

ShelKra is a brilliant floorless coaster. Sitting eight abreast in three rows you are taken to the top of the ride and dangled 200 feet up. Before being dropped at 70mph. The Immelmann loop is the classic turn on this coaster.

Cheetah Hunt – This coaster launches you three times during the ride and the twists feel like you on a large engine bike fighting the centrifugal force. You accelerate out of the station at what feels faster than the reported 30mph!Beforethe next launch to 60mph. The rocks and the trench make this ride feel faster and more dangerous. /there is a naff video of you riding as a cheetah runs along side of you.

Gwazi is a rickety wooden coaster that looks a lot older than the 15 years its been operating. Originally this was a duelling coaster two intertwined coasters that cover the same differences but with slightly different routes. The coaster is rumoured to be closing soon to be replaced by a new coaster opening in 2016. However when we rode it is was running only as the Lion side. You get a proper bashing on this one. Don’t look for rotting timbers or loose nails on this one.

Worth getting the Quick Queue as there is a lot to pack in to the day here and time saved queuing can be spent riding coasters.


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