Day 13 – Florida

The day of reckoning or as others would say packing day. This is our last day in Florida on my final present of my fiftieth year. There was some talk of final shopping in the morning and had we not popped into Wallmart to buy an extra case or the three that we came out with we may have considered that. But for now the problem was getting everything into the cases without the risk of extra baggage charges.

We also brought a set of scales although at $4 I cannot vouch for their accuracy, we also told @colsonsmith that the weight limit was 42LB and not the 50LB the airline would allow. With the three extra bags one checked and two carried on board and with @colsonsmith wearing layers we managed to get the bags packed. WE donated to the god people of Orlando our toiletries and other disposables to ensure that all of the outlet and January sales purchases could fit in the case.

We flew indirect as this saved almost £400 pounds person money that the kids spent on clothes, shoes and handbags to bring home with us. This also gat us a stop over at Philadelphia for some last minute duty free and some thing to eat. As we were in Philly we all had Philly steak sandwiches, nice.

Holiday Refelections

The holiday was brilliant, the weather was uncommonly warmwe had rain on one day (Christmas day) and it was cold on New Years Eve. The rest of the time we had glorious weather and I managed to stick in shorts and t-shirts.

Florida is a great place to spend a holiday. Christmas in the parks was busy a busy time but not unbearably busy. The park tickets that we had were ideal as we could start in one park have a few hours and then move to another park. The first three times we visited Universal to see DIagon Alley it was dark and it was hard to tell whether there was a rook or not. My advice is never go in daylight it was so much better at night in the dark.

I also went to Mo’s bar and have drunk Duff beer. I also had a butter beer. All I can say is I had more than I Duff but only just managed the whole of the butter beer.

If you go to Universal where your sunnys more to keep low flying wands out of your eyes as there are hundreds of Muggles who think they are student wizards.

I could leave Sea World not my cup of tea especially after I looked on Google Earth at the tanks the Whales are in this is not what I would want for a Zoo. The night tanks have been covered over after pictures showed a whale who could not turn round their space was so limited. The roller coasters are great Kranken and Mantra are top draw.

At fifty I think I have grown out of Disney and the new fastpass system means you do have to plan your days in the park. The food was much better that I thought it would have been and when they throw in free dining this would be worth doing. Don’t have a Turkey leg they smell awful and look disgusting.

Universal leave you spinning there are so many places to eat, you pay a bit of a premium ($17 just to park) but we found that despite the Hard Rock being the biggest in the world and it was massive (it took us about five minutes to walk to the table) the food was good quality and as ever in the Us the protions are not disappointing.

For speed freak adrenalin junkies Busch Gardens is the place, it was the quietest park and has the most roller coasters. In cluding the higest, longest and fastest in Florida.

Other places to eat are plentiful the worst place was the Golden Coral, and all you can eat that was cheep and served loads of poor quality deep fried food. Even the coffee was poor here.

I love the fact that the coffee and soft drinks are all free refills and the waiting staff really earn their tips brining refills once the glass is ¾ empty. I hate the way at home they fill your glass with ice so that they only have to sell you half a glass, in the state this doesn’t matter ‘cause once you have almost drunk it a new glass arrives.

Driving was a doddle the wide roads make driving easy. My tip is embrace and master the U turn. In Orlando this is a manoeuvre that is essential. When filling up remember that the price is in gallons not litres. I found that I could fill the car for les than £25. When you prepay for the fuel $30 should do it.

Right we are back now so I need to move on to this years holiday. I liked travelling to somewhere warm so that’s where I’ll start.


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Leeds United fan. Dog owner, walker and feeder. Qualified scuba diver, Tec diver and PADI Pro. Kids almost flown the nest so have a new life with my wife, loads of holidays. Blogs are my own ramblings but am know to copy (okay plagiarise) other people when they are saying what I want only better but always give them credit.
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