2015 the year of change! – @nicholasm1th

December had been a bad month for Leeds United we could only manage one point from the five games played and the bottom three were too close for comfort.

January saw a sea change, we threw point away against Bolton and Birmingham games we should have won but could only manage to draw. Then came top of the table Bournemouth and we won a game that we should have lost. The ref played a blinder for us that day, a debt to be repaid at the start of February against Brentford. Then came the trip to Huddersfield and the West Yorkshire Cup Final, a game that saw the nerves come through Rambo the Huddersfield pitch announcer was quick to state that it was the worst Leeds performance he had ever seen at Huddersfield not sure how that made him really feel as we beat a very poor Huddersfield side and had won the cup final three times running. Eight points from the four games was better than I had expected.

The current run is one league defeat in the last seven games and includes four wins from the last five. This means that Leeds are in the giddy heights of the top half of the second division.

The bottom two have been cut adrift Blackpool have 21 points from 31 games and Wigan have 22 points from 30 games. I can’t see Reading who are on 37 points getting caught by the bottom two and with the one place to escape from with 15 games left the 45 points left mean that anyone can still go down.

I am not sure how many players Leeds have brought in recently on Soccerbase it states there are 35 players. We hear about the influx of Italians, Silvestri, Bellusci, Del Fabro, Bianchi and Antenucci are the contingent. Saturday saw three Italian in the squad. The only time we looked a bit dodgy was when they were all on the pitch together!

The President is no more, well till he’s back! The Football League has decided that he is not a fit and proper person to be involved in a football club in their precious league. That is until he is fit again! For now the FL has decided that as a convicted financial criminal he cannot own Leeds United but in April he will be fit and proper again.

What I find really funny how when Bates was in charge, Leeds was owned by unknown offshore investors who Bates could not name as he didn’t know who they were, yet these unknown people did not have to pass the test as despite owning the club they were not in charge. Not sure how Mr Bates convinced the FL that unknown owners, owned and funded the club, appointed him as chairman but were not in charge. There are always mirrors and smoke.

Oh and there are I understand, two pending prosecutions for alleged tax evasion to be heard later this year!

So for all of us Leeds fans, there will be more months upset and despair as the FL prove to each of us they are corrupt.

We are not the only ones with dodgy owners, do you remember another local Ken Richardson? In 1995 Richardson owned Donny Rovers. Feeling the cold one night Richardson hired a couple of likely lads to burn down Belle Vue stadium after the council rejected the plans for a new ground. One of the likely lads hired managed to drop his mobile at the scene. Even South Yorkshire police didn’t take long to get in touch. Richardson ended up leaving court to spend four years in prison. Massimo hiring Hockaday was odd but Richardson employed Stockport County’s club shop ex-manager.

Before the fit and proper person test was introduced a former smuggler, burglar and safe cracker who had spent time in stir during the 60’s and 70’s was in charge at Darlington. After bankrupting the club George Reynolds was found guilty of tax evasion (sounds familiar) and money laundering.

No list would be complete without Ken Bates who once submitted plans to the Greater London Council to install electrified fences around the pitch at Stamford Bridge to keep the hooligans in line because ‘it worked on his farm’. Nutter springs to mind.

As Jimmy Greaves would say “it’s a funny old game”


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