PADI in the Water Day One – @nicholassm1th

Today was the day I got wet for the first time as part of my learning to be a scuba diver. I spent yesterday reading the book again. I also watched the video (DVD) and completed all of the questions at the end of each of the five sections again so I was ready to go! As I posted in a previous blog there was a typo in the reference book the question should have been unresponsive not responsive diver so I even got that question right.

This whole adventure that is leading up to our holiday later in the year has started for real. I have been all over youtube looking at peoples videos of diving with dolphins, swimming with turtles, and seals and keeping away from sharks. I really like the idea of diving on wrecks though some of these look busier than some museums I have been to (SS Thistlegorm). This is all becoming a bit more realistic.


There are five of us on the course. Three other chaps and one chapess. I am not the oldest but also not in the youngest three! We started the day recapping the first three sections of the book and the video (DVD). We marked the questions at the end of each of the sections and I am proud as punch to be 100% so far. We have also completed the test at the end of these sections and again I remain a smart arse! The instructor has added some additional clarity to some sections and added his own anecdotes to make things more real.


After a lunch that I made a bit of a mistake. The tika chicken on brown followed by swimming was not a good selection and a tad on the heavy side.  We hit the pool not for the first dive but for the swim test 20 lengths followed by treading water for ten minutes I had forgotten about this part of the training!

We all got out of the pool and were given kit that we had to put together.

Cylinder onto BCD.

Regulator on to cylinder.

Make connections and clip it all in place.

We then put on the gear and completed the buddy check that we had learnt about. BWRAF. With all the gear and no idea I large stepped into the water for the adventure to begin, the very first breath of air under water.

After a bit of time floating on the surface we all went under together for the first time to have a swim around. Everyone settled really well and before long we were playing Frisbee and throwing torpedoes to each other. After a few minutes of just getting used to the gear the training started. We have done so much I am not sure of the order but it feels like it went like this.

  • Take regulator out of mouth and put back, clear by blowing.
  • Take regulator out of mouth and put back, clear by purging.
  • Take regulator out of mouth throw over shoulder and recover, put back in mouth.
  • Simulate being out of air, air turned off watch gauge, feel no air in regulator, single out of air and turn back on.
  • Semi flood mask, and clear.
  • Fully flood mask, and clear.
  • Take mask of for one minute, put back on and clear.
  • Signal being out of air to buddy, share air and surface, controlled.
  • Disconnect low pressure and manually inflate BCD.
  • Signal being out of air to buddy, share air and surface, manually inflate BCD.
  • Simulate no air, with one breath swim across bottom of pool making arrrrrr sound, surface and manually inflate BCD.
  • Swap from regulator to snorkel and back again.
  • Swim around pool on surface with all gear on and using snorkel.

Between all of these activities of which I am sure there were more we swam around keeping off of the bottom (well trying). At first it felt like I was a bit of a yoyo but with time and practice I began to get the hang of it, almost! Whilst the pol is not the most exciting place to swim and a tad on the small side, I am beginning to get the feeling that I will enjoy this scuba diving.

So now I’m home its food, rest and back again tomorrow this time with my own lunch.


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Dog Training Scuba Diving Leeds United fan. Dog owner, walker and feeder. Qualified scuba diver, Tec diver and PADI Pro. Kids flown the nest so have a new life with my wife, loads of holidays. Blogs are my own ramblings but am know to copy (okay plagiarise) other people when they are saying what I want only better but always give them credit.
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