Thornwick Bay Shore Dive – @nicholassm1th

“Fancy another shore dive”, was how it started.

“Of course I do”, I need all the diving I can get, I am new and this it’s all exciting and each is a learning opportunity. After all I am diving in the Caribbean in 30 days.


So Sunday we headed up to Thornwick bay in North Yorkshire. Go to Flamborough and keep going. If you fancy it the café postcode is YO15 1BD.

What a spot this is two of a series of bays on the east coast. Tide and winds were fine for a nice dive.

What had not been told until we were parked at the café was that access to the water was 40 meters down a cliff that had steps that had been washed away months ago and been replaced with a muddy groove!

We set of down to the beach to look at the entry and exit points. Exit first the boulders shown on the map are proper boulders all about the size of a gear crate but with the edges worn down by tide after tide after tide so that they were both rounded and mobile. In shorts and deck shoes they were quite easy to hope between. Back over the cliff we went to the entry point stopping at the top to look at the swim round.


The entry point Little Thornwick bay a bay with several caves along either side, I will be back once I have completed my cave speciality.


We had a plan made enter on the left side of the bay and swim around the pillars then head east until you can go no further then north till you can turn east again all the way back in to the main Thornwick bay for a exit and return to the van in the car park and finish with cake and tea.


We started to carry the gear down to the little bay three trips, first BCD, regs and Cylinder. I had been kitted out with a 15 litre cylinder as I am a bit of a air hog and can suck 12 litres in a very shore time but I did notice that my consumption is on a downward profile. Then back up to collect fins, mask, gloves, hood and lead. This is the time I wished I could shed some weight. The final trip was to come down in dry suit ready to get wet.

The people out for the day by the beached watched on as we mountain goat like went up and down the cliff.

Buddied up of we went and had a great time looking in the chalky hollows for lobsters and crabs. We swam under kelp overhangs and found all sorts of interesting things a broken crab line and a hits of 1988 CD, ironically as we were at sea it was a pirate copy!

I though I dad seen a lobster but a closer look proved this not to be the case, we did find a couple of crabs resting under some of the boulders and there were some Wrasse not sure what type they were but we saw them.

As we rounded the headland the was a large hole in the cliff that we swam through to get out but there was not sufficient water there to swim out and the boulders were the size of old mini’s so we headed beck out to sea and swam further round. And came into the main part of the bay on the surface we headed to the planned exit point.

thornwick bay

How difficult is it to try and stand on rocking boulders, with a slight tide, whilst wearing fins, in two feet of water? Blood hard!

Then once you are finless and upright I surprised my self with all my gear on I set off up the cliff to the promise of cake and the toilet.

Half way up the cliff I had to step over the weight belt of one of my fellow divers who had completed an emergency weight drop! They could stay there I’ll go back for them I thought!

Back at the van in one go! Three to get down and only one to get up most impressive!

Thornwick bay shore dive ticked off done! The dive is not for the faint hearted its one heck of a climb down and then back up. But the cake in the café was very good.

thornwick cafe


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