About me…

Right so first things first this is about me…

I am nearly 50 so near I can’t really believe though my knees seem to confirm that!

I have nearly been married for almost 25 years, have two children and currently live in Yorkshire.

As my children and wife are making their way in the world they have all undertaken activities that will live on for ever in cyberspace more of them later…

I work for the Care Quality Commission in the hospital inspection team. I have a particular interest in alternatives to physical interventions and I make no apologies for challenging anything lest than good practice.

I realise that I have become a grumpy old man as will you if you read on. I have no idea what I will blog about I am sure the children, dogs, country sports, football, healthcare and broken Britain will all be included.

Follow me on twitter @nicholassm1th and enjoy the ups and down of my life – dogs, football, children, cycling and the odd bit of politics!!!!

add another page.


One Response to About me…

  1. Hi Altwoodmoon, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. It looks like you’re enjoying creating yours, and we wish you the best of luck with it. Cheers!


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